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Veterinary Services



Tariq is available for consultation on a first opinion and referral basis for avian and exotic animal cases at Valley Vets in Cardiff.

Please note that as per the RCVS Code to Professional Conduct, advice cannot be given about any case which is already under the care of another veterinary surgeon (although advice can be exchanged between veterinary surgeons). It is also not possible to make a diagnosis or prescribe treatments without having carried out an assessment/examination of the animal in person. Exotic species have often evolved to hide signs of illness until they are so sick, they cannot hide it any longer. This means that sick exotic species are often a lot sicker by the time that a problem is noticed than for example, a cat or dog might be. Any exotic animal showing signs of ill health should be presented to a veterinary surgeon familiar with exotic animal medicine at the earliest opportunity. Please note that pet insurance is available for exotics (no particular insurance company can be specifically recommended) and insuring animals against unexpected veterinary fees is highly recommended. 

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