Tariq has been keeping and breeding birds and reptiles as a hobby for many years and currently maintains a small private collection of select avian and reptilian species. Some of these animals are part of a conservation breeding program. There are occasionally a small number of surplus offspring produced from certain species, which are sold to or exchanged with other hobbyists and collections. The collection is not operated on a commercial basis and any funds raised are used to contribute to the upkeep of the collection. Any surplus funds beyond would be donated to conservation charities. If you are interested in any of the species kept and wish to enquire about surplus offspring, please contact via the relevant page. 


Tariq's want to become an exotic veterinary surgeon was inspired by his own animals, which he was keeping from a very young age. 


Tariq's keeping focus is primarily birds of the family Ramphastidae (toucans, toucanets and aracaris) with a small number of psittacine species being kept too. The toucan family are Tariq's favourite birds and he has had a life long admiration for them. Also snakes of the family Pythonidae (especially species from Indo-Australia) with a small number of colubrids being kept too. 



Please see below for currently kept species:

Green Aracari - Pteroglossus viridis

One of the smallest aracaris, this species is native to eastern Venezuela, the Guianas and Brazil, as well as along the north bank of the Amazon river. It is sexually dimorphic, with the females having chestnut-brown plumage on the head and throat, while the males have black plumage in that region. Males have larger bills than females. 

Black-necked Aracari - Pteroglossus aracari 

A large aracari, with an average weight of around 250g. Its maxillary beak is ivory-white, contrasting with a jet-black mandible. There are three subspecies of black necked aracari. The atricollis subspecies is found in eastern Venezuela, the Guianas and northern Bazil. A gregarious bird, it nests in hollows in trees made by woodpeckers, or by the fracturing of branches. 

Wild Type ("Bush") Budgerigar - Melopsittacus undulatus 
DSC_1684 2.JPG

Although budgerigars are the most popular pet bird in many countries, these birds have been selectively bred to such an extent that many appear very different from the small, green, wild-type budgies seen in nature. Tariq keep's a colony of "bush" budgies in an outdoor aviary, which resemble the natural form, as seen in the Australian bush. 



Wild Type ("Bush") Cockatiel - Nymphicus hollandicus

Another common pet bird. Most cockatiels in aviculture are either colour mutation birds, or carry the genetics for (often) a multitude of genetic mutations. These birds are wild type grey cockatiels, kept in an outdoor aviary. An Australian native, cockatiels live alongside budgerigars in nature. 

Carpet Python - Morelia spilota spp.

Carpet Pythons are Tariq's favourite group of snakes. Native to Australia and New Guinea, Tariq keeps the following Australian subspecies:

  • Jungle Carpet Python, Morelia spilota cheynei - Tully & Julatten types 

  • Darwin Carpet Python, Morelia spilota variegata

  • Inland Carpet Python, Morelia spilota metcalfei 

Bredl's Python - Morelia bredli

The Bredl's python, or centralian python is Tariq's favourite species of snake. Native to a region in Australia's southern Northern Territory, these snakes are semi arboreal and often inhabit rocky outcrops in their red, Australian desert habitat. Bredl's pythons are colourful, hardy and typically have a great disposition. They are larger than many of the carpet python subspecies, often getting to 6-8 feet in length, with some specimens getting even bigger than that.

Spotted Python - Antaresia maculosa 

This species is the largest of the Antaresia genus. They originate from the east coast of Australia and seldom exceed four foot in length. Tariq rehomed a male spotted python that was a stowaway from Mackay in Queensland that accidentally arrived in the UK in a suitcase. 

Stimson's Python - Antaresia stimsoni spp.
WheatbeltSocialMedia1 copy.jpeg

Tariq has kept Stimson's pythons for many years and bred them a number of times. He keeps NT type Eastern Stimson's Pythons (Antaresia stimsoni orientalis) which were originally acquired from Australian Addiction Reptiles in the USA. Also Wheatbelt type Western Stimson's Pythons (Antaresia stimsoni stimsoni) which were acquired from UK Pythons.

Royal Python - Python regius 

Although Tariq in general is not hugely interested in animals with colour and pattern mutations and prefers natural, mutation free animals, he keeps a small number of royal python morphs because they are so nice to look at and for sentimental reasons as he kept and bred this species as a teenager and whilst at university. The royal python is one of the most popular pet snake species and is a good choice as a first snake. Tariq keeps a few TSK Axanthic, Pied & Mahogany combinations. 

San Diego Mountain Kingsnake - Lampropeltis zonata pulchra

These colourful Californian colubrids are very rarely kept and bred in Europe. Tariq owns 1.2 of them. They are a small, docile species. Hailing from southern California, this is a species of special concern and is state protected in its natural range. Aren't their colours brilliant!

Grey Banded Kingsnake - Lampropeltis alterna

Endemic to the southwestern United States and adjacent Mexico, this is an extremely colourful colubrid that seldom exceeds 120cm long and is more typically 90cm long. There are two main colour phases which were once considered separate subspecies. Tariq keeps the so called "Blair's phase" which have wide orange/red banding, in comparison to the "alterna phase" which has narrower orange/red bands.