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Articles & Resources

In this section, you will find articles written by Tariq, on a variety of subjects related to avian/exotic/zoological medicine, aviculture and herpetoculture. All articles remain the property of the author and may not be reproduced without express written permission. The resources section remains a work in progress and more articles will be added in time. For written articles, please use the submenu. 


Exotic animals in captivity: can we meet their welfare needs? (Animal Welfare Foundation Discussion Forum 2019)

Please see below a lecture delivered by Tariq Abou-Zahr in June 2019 at the Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) conference at One Great George Street, in Westminster. 

Information about Viral Diseases in Snakes (Animals at Home Podcast 2021)

CPD Webinar "10 Common Exotic Animal Presentations in Practice" (Veterinary Specialists Online 2021)

AAV International Member Spotlight: Valley Exotics, Tour by Tariq Abou-Zahr (Assoc. of Avian Veterinarians 2021)

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